Screen Cast Lessons

Lesson 1: Moon’s Movement, Moon Phases, and Tide

  1. Watch the lesson here:
  2. Use the moon simulations here to complete the worksheet.  Each link might not play when you click it.  To make it work, click the “Not Secure” area by the web address.  Go down to where it says “Allow Flash” and change the dialogue box to “Yes”.  Then it should work after a page refresh.
  3. Go and login to Gizmos ( and look at the new simulations that have been added to your class.  Play around with the simulations and try to answer the questions below them.
  4. Use any extra time to practice the moon phases.  There will be sometime next class to finish if you do not get to today.



Lesson 2: Eclipse and Moon Lab

  1. Watch the lesson here:
  2. Do the Moon Lab.  You need a partner.
    1. Main goal is to get very comfortable with the moon phases.
    2. There isn’t enough objects for everyone to start at Part A of the procedure so some groups will have to start at Part B then go back to A.
    3. Part A, make sure both partners take turns placing the moon at different phase positions and naming them.
    4. Biggest issue with Part B is the lollipop moons need to always stay positioned with the white half facing the window side of the room.  The black half should be facing the hallway side of the room.  If the person holding them starts to rotate it, as they are walking around, then it will not be seen correctly by the other partner.
  3. Eclipse tools to use when finished with the lab.
    1. Actual Solar Eclipse:
    2. Actual Lunar Eclipse:
    3. Eclipse Simulation : Click here and you need to allow flash.
    4. Eclipse Gizmos




Lesson 3: Sunspots and Natural Units of Time

  1. Watch the lesson here:
  2. Work on Solar Observations and Sunspots Lab.
  3. By the end of today you should know the phases of the moon (name and draw), the moon’s rotation and revolution, the time between phases, eclipses, and sunspots.